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Miners worldwide for saving the natural foundations of life!

The world's miners have a special responsibility for future generations. On the one hand, raw materials are needed now and in the future, and on the other hand, they must be extracted in such a way that people's livelihoods are not jeopardised. Miners, environmental and youth fighters belong together! We want to fight for this together and internationally - out for the International Day of Struggle to Save the Environment!

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Reports on the working and living conditions of the miners

Dear friends, at the meeting of the International Miners' Coordination Group in August, all participants committed themselves to support our common homepage www.minersconference.org with reports about the working and living conditions of miners and their families and especially about their struggles in your countries.

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Greece: we received an update

On Wednesday 19 October 2022, workers of the TEHNOSTYL construction company at the LARCO plant in Larymna will hold a four-hour work stoppage from 10.00 am until the end of the shift. Then They will board buses with LARCO unions and workers and travel to LARCO headquarters (Maroussi, Frangoklisa 27) to protest and make demands to the special management:

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41 Miners Killed In Amasra

Turkey was shaken by the news that 41 workers lost their lives, and many others were injured in a coal mine accident in Amasra district of Bartin. In the Asmara coal mine of the Turkish Hard Coal (TTK), 41 of the 90 workers who were inside the mine lost their lives because of the explosion at around 18:15 on 14 October 2022, which was a new indicator of the value not given to the lives of workers working in mines.

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Ukraine: miners defy strike ban and go on strike

we have received the following information about this article from our miners in Ukraine: "I have carefully investigated the situation in our mine 9. Unfortunately, it turned out that it was far from being as simple as described in the article. This mine is state-owned and controlled by the Ministry of Energy. The ministry has appointed a new director and the old director has organised resistance. This struggle has been exacerbated by the fact that money from the budget is allocated for the purchase of coal and the mine has the opportunity to earn and extract coal.

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Solidarity statement from the National Preparatory Committee to United Mine Workers of America

Dear miners and members of the United Mine Workers of America union You have all the solidarity from us, the National Preparatory Group (Germany) for the 3rd International Miners Conference 2023 in your fight for every job at Warrior Met Coal Mining. We are protesting the decision by the Federal Oversight Board that your union should pay for the lost revenue to the mining company from unmined coal and you have our fullest support in fighting this decision.

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ICG: "Glück Auf" miners, relatives and friends,

As we have learnt from our Africa coordinator, a horrific accident occurred underground in a coal mine in Jerada. The three victims were poisoned by carbon monoxide in a mine where they had been working in precarious conditions and without any safety precautions and died. A fourth young miner died in the coal mine in Beni Tadjit. I would like to express my solidarity and sympathy to the colleagues and family members.

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Declaration of solidarity with the miners and their families of Larko

Dear miners and family members of Larco We send you our greetings and wish you every success with your Oxitag march and the struggle for jobs and company housing. You continue to have the fullest solidarity of the miners worldwide in your struggle and we want to express our protest against this criminal approach of the government. I myself worked 35 years underground in the German coal industry.

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To the President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa

Subject: Protest against the lockout order against striking AMCU and NUM miners by the Sibanye Stillwater board. Dear Mr President m ne name is Andreas Tadysiak, I worked in the German underground coal mining industry for 40 years until 2019, of which about 35 years as an electrician. I am the main coordinator of the international miners' coordination and I call on them to protest in the strongest terms against the lockout order of the AMCU and NUM striking miners

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