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Declaration of solidarity with the miners and their families of Larko

Dear miners and family members of Larco We send you our greetings and wish you every success with your Oxitag march and the struggle for jobs and company housing. You continue to have the fullest solidarity of the miners worldwide in your struggle and we want to express our protest against this criminal approach of the government. I myself worked 35 years underground in the German coal industry.

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To the President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa

Subject: Protest against the lockout order against striking AMCU and NUM miners by the Sibanye Stillwater board. Dear Mr President m ne name is Andreas Tadysiak, I worked in the German underground coal mining industry for 40 years until 2019, of which about 35 years as an electrician. I am the main coordinator of the international miners' coordination and I call on them to protest in the strongest terms against the lockout order of the AMCU and NUM striking miners

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Declaration of solidarity with the Greek miners

Dear miners and relatives of Larco, you have our fullest solidarity in your struggle for every job and loss of affordable housing. I myself worked as an electrician underground in the German coal industry for 35 years. It is impressive how great the solidarity with you and your families is among the Greek population; we have had similar experiences in Germany and it shows that it is not true how politicians and companies want to make us believe that we are alone.

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Dear miners in Sibanye Stillwater, dear relatives

We would like to express our fullest solidarity with your strike. I had already written to you 3 weeks ago and welcomed your decision to strike. The unionization of several unions is an important step against the division of the miners, for the unity of the labor movement in the struggle against the mining monopolies and their servile governments.

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An appeal for donations in kind from a colleague from Ukraine (member of the International Miners' Coordination)

In connection with the situation in Ukraine, we open a collection of funds, which can. Save the health or life of people in the conflict zone. Polish service and trading company DACHY KALBARCZYK organizes and supports Collection of first aid materials - Ukraine We are looking for:
Exclusive dressing gauze

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Declaration of solidarity with the Ukrainian miners

Dear friends, Thank you so much for the up date, however hope you are safe and sound, this to let you know that i have managed to share the information you sent me with as many people as i could, otherwise this declaration of solidarity and we hope to participate in the protest, we are organizing to protests in my country Uganda We are against wars in the world.

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Indonesia: Thanks for solidarity with Ukrainian miners

Thank you for the statement of solidarity for the Ukrainian miners. I will forward it to my comrades and GSBI(Federation of Independent Trade Unions) members. We stand with the entire working class around the world. An employee of the Indonesian trade union

Peru: Declaration of protest against interference in internal affairs by supporting right-wing forces against the elected president

The miners of Peru and other progressive forces have informed us about the interference in the internal affairs of Peru by the German Friedrich Naumann Foundation. The miners and progressive forces protest against this political interference and complicity and demand expulsion from Peru. The Friedrich Naumann Foundation held an event in Peru with reactionary oppositional and right-wing forces to discuss a strategy of impeachment of Peru's democratically elected president Pedro Castillo.

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