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Visit to mining wives and women in Godavarikhani

Miners village of the "Singareni Collieries"
We were received warmly by Padma and were introduced to the family. Within a short time there were 40-50 persons, women, youth, men, then also the press. For the press we had to dance, sing (the song: Attach a red ribbon to your heart), give a short speech (we mobilized for the IMC and women's forum). Even a very small baby was put into the arms of Birgit – that showed great trust.
In the following discussion, men were standing around, there was less time to discuss with the women. In the discussion there were mainly questions about the life of miners and their families in Germany (wages, rent, electricity ...) There are similarities and differences.
Similarities: apartments of the mining company, subcontracted work, everything was very neat and clean.
Differences: They get electricity and water for free (whether the rent is for free we have to ask again) and health care for free.
Unemployment: in Germany young people are unemployed or in subcontracted or temporary work. In India when the father retires, the son gets the job. More than half were young women and girls.
It was a great "friendship among sisters".

India, January 28th, 2017: Joint mobilization efforts of two local trade unions together with the international brigadists

The 2nd International Miners' Conference is approaching. The local trade unions in Godavari Khani are preparing the conference together. Today a joint effort of the different trade unions for the mobilization and financing of the conference took place. It was great that the trade- union youth played an active role, as you can see in the pictures. This new practical cooperation immediately showed its positive worth with an much higher donation outcome. In mobilizations at three mines, 1200 Rupees were gathered. The president of IFTU said that he was sure that three times as much would have been gathered, if there hadn't been the chaos with the devaluation of banknotes since the end of 2016.  Therefore people have only gotten very little cash from the banks for some time now.

The brigadists from home and abroad ended their mobilization with a fraternization with chai, song and dance.

Guidelines of the Brigadists of the International Miners' Conference

Serve the people. Support the 1st International Miners' Conference with all your might

Rely on one's own strength and the initiative and creativity of the masses. Our strongest weapon is conviction.
Self-organization and self-financing means:
1) Economical and modest handling of money
2) Advertising for financial support by the masses
3) No expenditure without income!
4) Strictly preserve financial independence!
We work democratically, ueberparteilich (above party lines) and as equals and implement the decisions in a disciplined way. Our activity is unselfish and is done without any payment or compensation!
The 3 pillars of the Conference:
• General Assembly of the international miners' delegations as decision making body
• Forums and cultural events for the miners' participation
• Involvement of and reliance on the masses in every part
We stand for the association of the militant and class-militant forces of the miners of the world.