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The environmental resolution of the ICG and IMC as a call for the international day of environmental action

Miners rise up against the global environmental catastrophe that has begun!The survival of humanity is being threatened by the capitalist profit economy! Day by day we miners extract earth’s wealth from nature, which is unashamedly being appropriated by the international mining corporations. In future mining will be needed, too, but: Raw materials need to be extracted environmentally appropriately and must not be wasted.

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Solidarity Resolution for the Ukrainian Miners

At the meeting of the International Coordination of the Miners we heard about your month-long struggle for the complete payment of wages and about the intimidation and repression that you have been experiencing through the Ukrainian secret service. We, the ICG, support the protest resolution of our main coordinator and strongly protest against this attack upon the trade union rights of the miners and their right to strike.

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Resolution on the intensifying general threat of war

This meeting of the International Coordination Group (ICG), a platform of the mining workers of the entire world, notes with serious concern the various acts of aggression of the imperialist powers, in particular by US imperialism. The recent bombings in Syria by the US, aided by some of the imperialist powers of Europe, are an example. On the other hand, Russia's intervention in Syria is also a pointer to the fact that it does want to use and expand its sphere of influence in the region.

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Resolution against the shutdown of underground mining in the entire world

icg logoAt the meeting of the ICG of the International Coordination of Miners we heard about the extensive shutdowns of underground mining.

We call upon the miners of the world to fight against mine shutdowns!

In Europe, for example, all underground hard-coal mines are to be closed, while the corporations are dividing up the claims for the highly-toxic fracking method in all of Europe. And so, the last reserves on European ground are being opened for the exploitation through the international corporations.

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