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Greetings and wishes from Morocco and Uganda

Dear Global miners, We local miners from Uganda, we send our warmest wishes for the festive season and hope that 2024 brings you joy and your loved ones, joy, health and prosperity. As 2023 comes to an  end, we thank all the German miners group, who trusted us, loved us  and supported ,local miners from Uganda, plus you have  shown us love throught  this year 2023,

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Our solidarity with comrade Andreas

 Dear comrades. We, Moroccan miners, are sorry to hear about the news of the threat of our comrade from Germany Andreas Tadysiak to his housing stability, which he occupied for years, during which he spent the flower of his youth working in the company's mines. Is the patronal miners so greedy that one of its workers is deprived of his and his family's housing stability?

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South Africa: By IndustriALL- International Trade Union Confederation

Panel at mining indaba calls for decent work during energy transition 9 February 2023Will I have a job after the energy transition, what kind of job, in what sector, and will I earn as much as I do now? These questions, asked by workers in the context of the energy transition, were the starting point for discussions at IndustriALL's panel at the African Mining Indaba in Cape Town on 8 February.

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Merry Christmas from local miners and miners wive's, wishing you a happy holiday from Uganda . Yours local miners plus miners wives


Zimbabwe: Struggle for wages of miners' wives and their husbands

For months, miners at the Vumbachikwe mine in Gwanda in Zimbabwe's Matabeleland South province have not received their wages. The miners and their families are protesting against the unpaid wages. Last week, about 500 miners' wives and their children blocked access to the gold mine. That is why the companions did not come to work.

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Congo: Unions welcome revival of IndustriALL’s campaign against Glencore

IndustriALL Democratic Republic of the Congo council discussed Glencore’s broken promises to mineworkers at a meeting on 21 October. According to IndustriALL affiliates, Glencore has made no efforts to improve working conditions at its mining operations in the country.  The union network meeting was held against the backdrop of cobalt’s role in the low carbon energy transition and the DRC’s strategic role in the battery supply chain.

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The Impact Of The Glencore Group In The Drc

GLENCORE has been active in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) since 2008. GLENCORE is present in the Democratic Republic of Congo with two companies, namely : MUTANDA MINING SARL (MUMI) and KAMOTO COPPER COMPANY (KCC) SA. Both are located near Kolwezi, in the Lualaba province, in the southern region. To date, GLENCORE has invested over US$7 billion in the development of MUMI and KCC.

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South Africa: Strike, because the minimum wage of 206 US$ is not even enough for food (294 US$)

Tens of thousands of workers marched across the country’s cities and towns on 24 August for living wages and to protest deteriorating socio-economic conditions. Unions say the cost of living is high, electricity supply unreliable and expensive, while service delivery by national and local government is erratic.

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Morocco: four young workers were left to die because there were no safety measures in place

The city of Jerada, the former mining city, once again invited three young workers in the traditional coal wells (Sandrias), in addition to a fourth young worker who was a victim of a coal well in Beni Tadjit, which raises the number of victims of these traditional wells, since they closed the coal mines of Jerada in 1998, to 48. Among the martyrs of poverty and marginalization, and the absence of any practical solutions on the part of the state's policies, since the uprising of the youth of the city of Jerada in 2018, and the repression and unfair rulings accompanying it.

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