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Colombia: Glencore must be consistent in respecting workers and human rights globally

An IndustriALL trade union network meeting on 8 September in Johannesburg urged Glencore to be consistent in implementing global policies that protected workers and human rights, community interests, and the environment. Glencore is amongst the multinational companies that are benefiting from the commodities boom linked to decarbonization.

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To the striking miners in Brookwood, Alabama USA

Dear miners and dear families and friends of miners, Congratulations on your perseverance in the struggle against Warrior Met Coal and its outrageous attacks on you, your families and your union UMWA. We declare our solidarity with your struggle and spread the word among miners and workers here in Germany. We are outraged by the brazen attack on your union, United Mine Workers of America.

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Canada: Letter of solidarity to the striking miners of the Raglan Nickel and Copper Mine in Nunavik/Province of Quebec

Dear colleagues,

We have heard that you have been on strike since 7 June. You are waging a courageous struggle for your wages, workers' rights, your lives, your dignity and your health. You have our fullest solidarity in your strike. The burden of the global economic and financial crisis and the increased threat of world war, exacerbated by the Corona crisis, is to be passed on to us. You are leading your struggle against one of the biggest mining monopolies in the world, which are partly responsible for this situation. We miners stand with you internationally and you have our support!

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Canada: Miners strike at nickel mine

630 miners at the Raglan Nickel and Copper Mine in Nunavik began a strike at the weekend. The mine is located on the Ungava Peninsula in the Arctic region of the Canadian province of Quebec. The miners of the USW union are fighting for better working conditions and higher wages.

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Canada: Glencore workers strike

In Canada, 630 members of the Syndicat des Métallos/United Steelworkers union are on strike at the Raglan mine. The mine is owned by one of the largest international mining groups, the Swiss company Glencore. Union members are demanding real respect from Glencore. At the nickel mining operation in Nunavik, miners often work 21 consecutive days in eleven-hour shifts.

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Police clear occupied copper mine in Peru

28.04.2022, 06:11 Uhr Fuerabamba: Police have cleared an occupied copper mine in southern Peru. Nearly 700 officers broke up a protest camp of farmers at the Las Bambas mine site in the Apurímac region, police said Wednesday. The security forces fired tear gas into the crowd, and the occupants hurled stones at the officers, the radio station RPP reported.

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America: Judge extends order against striking Alabama miners, citing violence

Members of the United Mine Workers of America are marching in New York City Thursday, Nov. 4, 2021, in support of the ongoing strike against Warrior Met Coal in Alabama. Citing “unlawful, violent and prohibited” behavior by some picketers, a Tuscaloosa County circuit judge has extended a temporary restraining order against the United Mine Workers of America through Nov. 15 in their continued strike against Warrior Met Coal.

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Chile: Strike in copper mine

Workers at the Andina copper mine of the Chilean state-owned company Codelco are on strike against the announcement of the cancellation of health rights and compensation for years of work. The strike call is backed by the three unions Suplant, SIIL and SUT. The mine produced more than 184000 tonnes of copper last year.

Letter of solidarity to the striking miners of Alabama/USA

Dear colleagues We have heard that you have been on strike since Thursday. Despite the Corona crisis, you are waging a courageous struggle for your wages, workers' rights, life, dignity and health. You have our fullest solidarity in your strike. We miners stand with you internationally and wish your struggle every success! At the 2nd International Miners' Conference in February 2017 in Ramagundam/India, we adopted a joint International Struggle Program. It states,

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Strike Continues for UMWA members at Warrior Met Mines

The United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) announced today that its members working at Warrior Met in Bessemer, AL did not ratify a tentative agreement that had been negotiated with the company and will remain on their unfair labor practice strike. “Our members made it clear that the tentative agreement was not sufficient enough to make up for the sacrifices made in 2016,” said International President Cecil E. Roberts.

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