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Resolution on the intensifying general threat of war

This meeting of the International Coordination Group (ICG), a platform of the mining workers of the entire world, notes with serious concern the various acts of aggression of the imperialist powers, in particular by US imperialism. The recent bombings in Syria by the US, aided by some of the imperialist powers of Europe, are an example. On the other hand, Russia's intervention in Syria is also a pointer to the fact that it does want to use and expand its sphere of influence in the region.

The conflicts between the various imperialist powers to gain control over natural resources and markets in various parts of the world are creating flash points that have increased the danger of war. Neither in Syria, Ukraine or Venezuela are the imperialists interested in peace, progress and the welfare of the people. The killing of civilians and repression in Palestine have once again brought to fore the aggressive character of the Zionist state of Israel, which is threatening peace in the region with the support of US-imperialism. A further flash point in the Middle East is the aggression against the Kurdish people. In this region the struggle of the Kurdish people for self-determination is in the focus of oppression, especially by Turkey and Iran. Only the united struggle of the international working class, together with the oppressed and exploited of the world, can ward off the threat of imperialist wars, overcome imperialist barbarism and set up a new world order. The mine workers of the world must take the lead in this struggle against the aggressive acts of imperialism. The ICG calls upon the mining workers to resist these acts of aggression that are increasing the threat of war and endangering the lives of the miners and their families.