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Germany: Declaration of solidarity to miners in artisanal mines in Katanga mining area

Dear Miners, I, as a former underground miner in Germany and the main coordinator of the International Miners' Coordination, feel it is my duty, as well as my personal need, to support the struggle for the rights of artisanal miners in old Katanga by the industrial mining companies and the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

It is not at all acceptable that miners from artisanal and traditional mining communities are criminalised or even murdered. My sympathy belongs to the relatives of the murdered miners and their families. The threat and murder of miners all over the world is a dangerous development that we must oppose. In this regard, the Struggle Programme of the International Miners' Coordination states under point 6: "We respect the activities of artisanal and traditional mines, which are operated with due regard for the protection of livelihoods. We demand that they not be criminalised; that they be able to organise and expand their production while at the same time labour safety must be strengthened. The miners' struggle for decent living conditions must go hand in hand with the struggle to protect livelihoods." Over 20 million miners worldwide mine and extract the treasures of the soil in harsh and dangerous conditions. Wages are often not enough for a decent life for miners' families, so even pregnant women and children have to work. This is one of the most abhorrent manifestations of capitalism. Therefore, the International Miners' Coordination demands that wages be increased so that miners and their families can live a decent life according to the cost of living. We miners of the world, together with our families, must stick together internationally and unite, cooperate internationally and coordinate our struggles if we are to become a superior force to the international mining monopolies like Gécamines and their servile governments.
Consider joining our international miners' coordination! The 3rd International Miners' Conference will take place in Germany in 2022, for which we would like to ask you already today to participate in the preparation and to take part. We will report on the situation of artisanal and traditional miners and their family life internationally. Please send us pictures of your struggle, your situation, your life etc. so that we can put them on our homepage.
With solidary and militant greetings
Andreas Tadysiak, Chief Coordinator of the International Miners' Coordination