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Final Resolution of the 3rd ICG meeting

The international competition of the old and new imperialist countries and their multinational corporations has intensified considerably. Capitalism can no longer solve any of the problems of humanity. Everything is crying out for a society freed from exploitation and suppression, for many within the militant miners' movement socialism is the only alternative.

The ICG meeting observes that international corporations like Glencore are intensifying their attacks on miners. In many countries, the pension level of miners has been reduced. Miners in Peru now have to live on a pension between 30 and 220 Euros. This issue should be discussed internationally according to the programme of struggle of the international miners' coordination.
All around the world, mining companies are ruthlessly poisoning the water. Water is vital for people and for their survival on the planet. That is why the miners' struggle must include the protection of water. This shall be discussed at the upcoming European Conference as well as all continental conferences.
The ICG meeting protests against the fact that the miners of the Minierè de Bakuranga colliery in Congo have not received full wages since 150 months. That is more than 12 years. They only got small amounts to survive. The ICG organises international solidarity and support for the miners’ struggle at the Bakuranga mine.

At its meeting, the ICG learned that the last 48 out of 70 imprisoned young people from Jeroda (Morocco) have been released and congratulated them for their courage. These sons of miners have shown their solidarity with the demonstrations of the public for the interests and rights of the miners and the population. They support the people's demands for replacement jobs which were lost during the shutdown of the coal mine.
The ICG protests against the dismissal of miners who form or join a trade union as it happened in Morocco among other places. The ICG demands the right of miners to form and become a member of trade unions.
The ICG defends the union freedom as well as the rights of all workers.

We protest strongly against the numerous murders committed against a large part of the population in the East of the DR Congo because of the sinister manoeuvres of the international monopolies which exploit the rich mineral resources there and literally walk over dead bodies in doing so. We are bringing these crimes to the attention of the whole world and we want to organise campaigns against this outrage.
Corruption by corporations, state bodies, partly by way of bying trade union leaders in various countries, including the Ukraine, is a major problem. This corruption comes at the expense of society as a whole. We will not allow that the compiled assets of the (mining) workers as well as the benefits from natural substances disappear through private channels.

The ICG expresses its solidarity with the struggle of the mineros in Peru against a new legislative proposal that would aggravate the exploitation of the miners by encouraging arbitrary dismissals, by not paying off allowances and reducing holiday pay; safety regulations would by and large get lifted and many miners therefore driven to their deaths.
To this end, a list of demands was drawn up for the government and the corporations. They try to disintegrate the miners' unity of struggle, stall them and promise to review the list of demands - without anything happening.
We welcome the decision of the Peruvian trade union federation FNTMMSP (Federation of Mining, Metal and Steel Workers of Peru) to prepare and carry out a general strike in Peru as a strong weapon against the arbitrariness of the big corporations and their government.

In accordance with our self-image as an international miners' coordination, we commit ourselves to support such struggles with all our might, to learn from them and to pass on our experiences and lessons to all miners in the world.

Good luck!