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Information Letter No. 4 to the participants of the 3rd International Miners' Conference, 31 August to 3 September 2023 in Thuringia/Germany

Hello miners, miners' wives,, Hello miners' friends, in Infobrief 3 we already informed you about the successful meeting of the International Coordination Group and some of its results, especially concerning the preparation of the 3rd International Miners' Conference. Today we want to inform you further: The International Coordination Group united on the importance of international brigadists and wants to mobilise broadly for this.

Considerations are that they will be mobilised for 7-14 days before the conference. 8. principles of the brigadists of the international miners conference "Serve the people, support the International Miners' Coordination to the best of our ability". Trust in our own strength and the initiative and creative power of the masses. Our strongest weapon is conviction. Self-organisation and self-financing means:

  1. 1. using money sparingly and modestly.
  2. 2. campaign for the financial support of the masses
  3. 3. No expenditure without income!
  4. 4. strictly maintain financial independence!
  5. 5. we work democratically, non-partisan and on an equal footing and we implement the decisions taken in a disciplined manner. Our activity is selfless, altruistic and without any payment or compensation!
  6. 6. the 3 pillars of the conference: General Assembly of the international miners' delegations as decision-making body Forums and cultural events for the participation of the miners Involvement and reliance on the masses in all parts
  7. 7. we work for the unification of the militant and class struggle forces of the miners of the world.

Promote in your countries the participation in the international brigades and register the participants if possible also until the end of January. If you have any questions, please contact us! For the 6 out of 7 forums that have been decided so far, we would be happy if more people would participate in the preparation of the forums Decision on the forums of the III. IMC Forum for the Higher Development of Coordination and Cooperation of Miners Worldwide to Become a Force against the Acute Danger of War and the Accelerated Destruction of the Natural Environment by the ICG

  • 1) The struggle against the scorched earth policy of the RAG by Miners for AUF
  • 2) Miners' wages, pensions and the struggle for higher wages and pensions by Pavel from Kazakhstan
  • 3) Struggle for the living conditions of miners' wives and their families Struggle against COVID and its consequences and against passing on the burden of the crisis by miners' wives in the women's association Courage
  • 4) Struggle for health protection for miners' social security such as pensions, sickness, accidents Proposal to Peru
  • 5)
  • 6) Winning the youth for the struggle for their future from Morocco

Due to the acute danger of world war, the coordination group has decided to participate in the 8 May 2023 as a day against the end of the 2nd World War and the victory over fascism and to issue a joint call for this. We also want to initiate a discussion about the establishment of a worldwide miners' day of struggle and hold a vote on this at the 3rd International Miners' Conference. We ask for proposals in advance for the date and the execution. The ICG meeting has dealt extensively with the war in Ukraine and the acute danger of a third world war and has taken a groundbreaking decision on the participation of the ICG in the anti-imperialist and anti-fascist united front: We, as miners, have a special responsibility to help build such a movement. We think it is right to link this united front with a strategy discussion on how to fight for a society free from exploitation and oppression. The perspective of socialism should not be a prerequisite for membership in the united front, but we assume that there will be many participating forces for whom socialism is an alternative. We as the International Coordination Group call on the members of the International Miners' Coordination and contacts to get involved with the anti-imperialist and anti-fascist united front and if they have a majority in their affiliates to do so, to become members." Find out about the united front, discuss it in your organisations and become active against the danger of a global environmental catastrophe and the shifting of the burden of war and crisis. In Infobrief 3, we discussed solidarity-based mutual aid in financing the travel of international delegations to the International Miners' Conference, as stipulated in the Rules of Procedure. The International Coordination Group Meeting unanimously approved a solidarity fund to finance the travel of delegates to the conference. We think that due to the strong increase of inflation the miners and their organisations from different countries will have problems to finance the travel from their own means. Therefore, it is important that fundraising activities are carried out in all countries; rely on the broad masses and the miners and their families. It is a big trump card that the International Miners' Conference is self-financed and self-organised. We want to try everything so that delegates from all mining countries can participate. We have already pointed out the importance of delegates to the International Miners' Conference in the last info letter and informed you in more detail. If possible, please register your delegates by January 2023, as we are facing obstructions from the mining monopolies and governments in bondage to them! The ICG members present at the conference have committed themselves to regularly send reports and articles to the homepage www.minersconference.org and to actively use and promote the homepage. Use this opportunity for information, exchange of experiences and discussion; write about the issues that concern the miners and their families in your countries, how they live, work and struggle! At the 3rd IMC, the further development of the International Miners' Coordination with regional and continental structures will be an important topic and we want to hold a big forum on this in which everyone can participate. The following regions or continents for the development of the International Miners' Coordination are defined in the Rules of Procedure: Asia, Africa, America and Europe with the former Soviet states. The continental leaders have the task to take care of the contacts in their areas and to coordinate the struggles of the miners.Since it was not possible to hold regional and continental conferences due to the Corona pandemic, the 3rd IMC will be used for this purpose: on 3.9.23 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. the continental meetings Africa, America, Asia and Europe will take place. The results of the discussions will be presented in the subsequent plenary. Forward to the preparation of the 3rd International Miners' Conference! Registration, requests and proposals to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. With militant and solidary greetings Andreas Tadysiak Main Coordinator of the International Miners' Coordination Group