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Invitation to the Third International Miners' Conference 2023

Dear colleagues and friends The 3rd International Miners' Conference will take place from 31 August to 3 September 2023 in Thuringia/Germany. The International Miners' Coordination Group is responsible for coordinating the preparation and implementation of the 3rd International Miners' Conference. It organises a democratic, equal preparation and discussion process of all participants with a culture of dispute in solidarity.

The aim is to involve the miners in the world in the preparation with the 3rd International Miners' Conference and to develop the worldwide cooperation and coordination of the struggles of the miners higher. In our international struggle programme, which we decided together at the 2nd International Miners' Conference in 2017, it says at the end: "The struggle for this programme ranges from organising solidarity, including declarations of solidarity, to international solidarity campaigns and transnational actions." At the 3rd International Miners' Conference, the experiences of miners worldwide will be brought together, processed and become part of the common consciousness of the miners' movement. In order to strengthen the International Miners' Movement, we will inform ourselves about new phenomena and essential changes on the basis of the discussion of the country reports and prepare ourselves for coming situations. With our International Struggle Programme, the election of the International Miners' Coordination Group, the country reports, the miners' delegates, the proposals for forums, with the inclusion of all participants to a cultural programme, we strengthen the fraternisation of the miners and their families and we have good possibilities in each country to include the mass of the miners and their families in the process of preparing and holding the 3rd International Miners' Conference. In times of the Corona Pandemic in connection with the International Economic and Financial Crisis, it is necessary that we immediately start the mobilisation of the broad mass of miners internationally for the 3rd International Miners' Conference. With the 3rd International Miners' Conference we want to achieve a new quality of unity of the miners' movement that develops the strength and power to influence the development of this world in the interest of all the exploited and oppressed for a future worth living. For this we need a qualitative leap in the international cooperation and coordination of the struggles of the miners' movement. This includes the struggle against the right-wing development of the governments, against the shifting of the burdens of the world economic and financial crisis onto the workers and masses and against the imperialist threat of war, as well as the development of transnational struggles. But also how we are going to expand the International Miners' Movement in preparation and win important mining countries and international trade unions (including USA, Australia, China, Russia Bosnia, Romania) as members for the International Miners' Coordination. We want to involve thousands of miners, their families and miners' youth in the preparation, financing and implementation of the III. IMC. The International Miners' Coordination is independent and self-organised and finances itself through its own diverse initiatives. It gladly accepts donations if they are given unconditionally and without strings attached. The miners' movement and its grassroots organisations generally organise and finance their own work and the travel of their delegation. The International Mineworkers Coordination Group organises an international fund to support in solidarity the participation of delegates who are not able to finance a delegate's participation on their own and encourages country solidarity sponsorships. Timely financial planning is therefore necessary and the application for money from the fund. Please also take into account that the process of obtaining a passport and visa can take a very long time. Communication takes place via the office of the International Miners' Coordination and its email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Important documents are published on the homepage www.minersconference.org. The office can currently be reached by phone on Tuesdays from 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m. German time at 0049-209-36174232. For up-to-date information about the process of preparation and the upcoming tasks, it is necessary for each participant to send an address (address, email, phone number, etc.) to the office. Changes or extensions of the office hours will be announced promptly and published on the homepage. The International Miners' Coordination Group cannot carry out the extensive and complicated preparation process alone. To support its work, it is forming a wide variety of teams, e.g. for translation work, for coordinating the content of the preparatory work, for organising travel, etc. Advertise at your bases to support this work, get translators from your national language into English or German, get brigadists to support the organisational preparation and implementation in Germany and the travel of the international delegations, for the public relations work for the conference. Develop activities to finance the travel and the 3rd International Miners' Conference. The International Miners' Coordination Group supports all initiatives that correspond to the self-organised, non-partisan and financially independent character of the conference. If you need help or support you can always contact us... In your national preparation process, also consult the membership of the International Miners' Coordination. "The miners, the peasants, the environmentalists and the other social and popular movements must unite and cooperate worldwide. This is how we can successfully coordinate our struggles and develop them higher. .... We do not see ourselves as competitors to the existing trade unions. We want strong, militant trade unions and are committed to this. We need diverse forms of organisation to fight for our vital interests. We seek cooperation with all those who support us in this or share our goals." (from founding resolution of the International Mineworkers' Coordination). The members of the International Miners' Coordination work together on an equal footing and with equal rights. We learn from each other by sharing different experiences, traditions and cultures. We have the vision of a "globally united miners' movement that fights for itself and its children so that the treasures of the soil, the water and the air belong to those who develop them through their work. They are to be used for a rich, dignified and healthy life for all people in harmony with nature - without exploitation and oppression. We want to fight for this together and internationally." closer (International Struggle Programme) Information is available on the homepage (www.minersconference.org). Further information on the time schedule, agenda and proceedings of the conference, preparation of country reports by the delegations, organisation of travel, organisation of funds/donations for the preparation and realisation of the conference etc. will be announced in further information letters and on the homepage by the International Coordination Group. Please also make suggestions so that we can take your experiences and thoughts into account accordingly. Good luck Andreas Tadysiak, General Coordinator of the International Miners' Coordination Group