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Kenyan Peasants League: Multi Billion Wedding of Indian Mining Mogul a Slap in the Face of Poor Miners Globally (2)

As the clock ticks towards the Second International Miners Conference to be held in India in February 2017, news of a USD74million wedding of the daughter of an Indian mining mogul and politician should enrage millions of miners across the globe and their families need to condemn with the strongest possible terms the open waste of resources that result from exploitation of poor miners and their families through accumulation by the mining monopolies.

The lavish wedding of the Indian mining mogul and ex-state minister Gali Janardhana Reddy's daughter Brahmani is a classic example of how the mining monopolies globally exploit the miners through illegal pursuit for profit at the expense of providing the miners and their families better pay, social benefits, social justice, economic justice and protection of the environmental that is always destroyed by the mining companies.
Such exploitation which duplicate itself across the globe need to spur the miners across the globe to unite against the mining monopolies that are driven by pursuit for profit at the expense of ensuring social justice, human rights and development of an inclusive economic system that will ensure social justice to the millions who are adversely affected by such moves.

In Africa for example, millions of miners keep suffering when global mining monopolies keep driving indigenous communities from their native lands without compensations driving the communities to abject poverty. In Taita Taveta in Kenya, small scale miners have over the years complained about illegal brokers who in most cases work for Global Mining monopolies of using unscrupulous means to strike at the mines immediately they get information that gems have been discovered. This leaves the miners and their families exposed to loss of business and massive destruction of environment as a result of use of heavy machinery that destroys the environment.

The International Miners Conference to be held in Ramagundam/Godavarikhani in India form 2 to 5 February 2017 need to among other things focus in organizing miners and their families across the globe to resist the Global Mining monopolies and to explore on possible ways of taking legal action against this blatant theft of public resources whose proceeds go to funding the evil appetite of profit by the mining monopolies who have little regard to the welfare of the millions of miners across the globe.

Written by David Otieno Convener Kenyan Peasants League